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About Us

Oliver and River
One hungry dog started it all.

After getting into home-brewing, we had leftover spent grains that we didn't want to go to waste. So we started experimenting, using these grains to bake a few different recipes, quickly realizing that we could use these spent grains to make super yummy dog treats. Our dog Oliver loved them so much that he demanded them over his old treats.


One day after making too many of these treats, Nate took them to work to share with his colleagues. After their dogs wouldn't eat any other treats besides ours, we realized we were onto something amazing. Oliver's Beer Biscuits was born: a dog treat company that uses spent grains from local breweries, as well as natural ingredients to make a healthy & delicious snack for your pup.

Meet The crew



Co-Owner Nate is an Air Force veteran and currently works as an Engineer. He uses his experience to track where all of our ingredients come from, as well as where each batch of our product goes to ensure a quality product every time.


In his spare time, Nate home brews a mean Oktoberfest Ale.



Using her Bachelor's of Nutrition and Food Science, Co-Owner Justine develops nutritious and delicious dog treats. Taking it a step further, she has earned a Pet Nutrition Certification.

Justine is also very active in the community, leading groups in the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce and volunteering with local animal shelters.



River loves squeaky toys and sticks, but her favorite thing to do is to play with her brothers Oliver and Loki. She appreciates a soft comfy bed but will always come running for a treat.


She was adopted from Rebel Dogs Detroit, after a family surrendered an unexpected litter of puppies. River is a German Shepherd mix that firmly believes she is a 15 pound lap dog.



Oliver is the inspiration behind our company and our products. He is also in charge of taste testing, post-production clean-up and being generally adorable. He loves being around his humans and snuggling in blanket burritos.


Oliver chose Nate at the Lenawee Humane Society and they have been inseparable ever since.



Loki oversees all production as well as keeping an eye on Oliver while he is working. He is currently collaborating with Justine on a line of cat products.


Loki chose Justine at the Michigan Humane Society in Rochester Hills, and soon after coming home, Oliver choose him to be his best friend, play mate, and (sometimes) chew toy.

Oliver's Foundation Circle Logo

We've always placed a great deal of importance on giving back.

10% of our proceeds go back into our community here in Michigan to support local shelters and animals that aren't as spoiled as Oliver.

In order to do this, we founded a non-profit to channel these funds into initiatives to keep pets off the streets, out of shelters and in loving homes.

Find out more about how Oliver's Foundation is working to

end pet homelessness here.

Oliver's Foundation

Special Thanks

for our Logo & Label Design goes out to

Book her for all your "Hooman" Baking needs!

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