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Turns out, leftovers can be really tasty.

And at Oliver's, we really hate the idea of anything going to waste.

When we found out spent grains left over from local craft breweries are chock full of nutrients for pups, our brains started churning. We found that unused beef organs from our local butcher offer tons of important iron. A Detroit-based juicer had leftover vegetable pulp that is a great source of fiber.

So why not reduce waste while making a tasty snack your dog will love?

Seems like a win-win to us.


And trust me, we're not all bark.

Our co-owner & treat-chef Justine is a certified pet nutrition coach.

What does that mean?

It means that she has taken a bunch of classes to learn what is good for canines, and what is just fluff. She certifiably knows what ingredients are best for your pupper to munch on, so they stay healthy & happy and you can rest easy.


Because if we're honest, we care a lot more about what goes into their little bellies than we do about our own (ahem, 3am Taco Bell anyone?).

Nutrition Facts for Full-Sized Treats

OBB Nutrition Facts for PB Pumpkin
OBB Nutrition Facts for Butcher's Choice

Oliver's Beer biscuits

Oliver's Beer biscuits

RRT Nutrition Facts for Beets and Brocco
RRT Nutrition Facts for Carrots and Kale

Thank You

to our Sourcing Partners

Click their logo to learn more about the local businesses that help us make the very best treats for your best friend.

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